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Build a garden fireplace yourself

 If you prefer what is durable and strong, you will bet on a garden fireplace instead of a portable barbecue for grilling in the garden. We tell you how to build your own fireplace barbecue and how to succeed for sure.

Build a garden fireplace yourself

If you prefer what is durable and solid, you will bet on a garden fireplace for grilling in the garden.

(pg) If you often like to grill in your garden in the summer, a garden fireplace could be an interesting alternative to all the other grill options. Although concrete or refractory stone fireplace barbecues are not mobile, they have certain advantages:

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They are always ready to use.

Since the stone heats up, your fireplace barbecue can also be used as an “outdoor heater”.

Depending on the type of construction, the barbecue has a roof with chimney, the grills are thus protected, and the smoke escapes in one direction only.

Residual dirt can be easily removed with the garden hose or a high-pressure cleaner.

Garden fireplaces are absolutely solid and stable.

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As the heat from a garden fireplace is distributed as in an oven, it is also suitable for the preparation of pizzas and bread.

If you decide to build a garden fireplace, you have several options depending on your manual skills:

Specialist suppliers will build the model of your choice in your garden.

You buy a ready-to-build model from a DIY store, which you then build yourself in your garden.

You plan the construction of your garden fireplace, you get the materials and you build it yourself from A to Z. (see DIY instructions)

Choosing the location of the garden fireplace

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Whichever option you choose, you must first determine the location of your garden fireplace. Because once it has been solidly built, it is difficult to change its place. It's a good idea to choose a location close to home. However, for fire protection reasons, minimum distances from buildings and facades must be observed. This is very important, because depending on the wind conditions, embers or sparks may fly.

When choosing a location, also consider your neighbours, who will certainly be grateful if the smoke doesn't bother them too much. In this context, it is also a good idea to take into account the wind directions, depending on which you can orient your fireplace barbecue.

Garden fireplaces are usually made of refractory stone or concrete and are therefore heavy. Therefore, regardless of the type of garden fireplace chosen, you must first build a stable foundation.

Do I need a permit for a garden fireplace?

Before starting the work, it is recommended to check with the municipality of your residence to find out the requirements relating to building permits. As a general rule, these small constructions do not require a permit. But here too, no rule applies without exception. In particular, the minimum distance from the neighboring property should be clarified. If you plan to install a garden fireplace in an allotment garden, you should first discuss this with the administration.


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