new Photos art gypsum on the Walls of homes

New photos  art on the Walls of homes 

new Photos  art gypsum on the Walls of homes

new Photos  art gypsum on the Walls of homes 


Home decorations abandoned the stereotypical color or limited to decorating walls with tablecloths or the use of wallpaper, and reached a different stage of creativity, suitable for a different segment of lovers of luxury and good taste by using the art of sculpture in decorating the walls.
Specialists were able to devise a different way to decorate the walls of homes and rooms by carving different images of roses, art  tree leaves and musical instruments to add a touch of extreme luxury and sophistication to the spaces in which this type of decor is used, which may be expensive, but it is characterized by a bit of sophistication and elegance.
The stereoscopic walls are sometimes stereoscopic wooden panels, and sometimes they are made of gypsum, according to the design you want in your home, so they give a three-dimensional design, and the stereoscopic walls are useful in hiding any defects in the wall designs of the house.


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